One of the most popular quails is the Bobwhite quail. These quails are also very good fliers. In the universe, there are fourty four different species of quails and more than twenty two different subspecies of the northern bobwhites. Some species of the bobwhite quails weigh even more than two pounds.

Males of the colored bobwhite breeds are reddish in colour.They have brown feathers with white, barred with black feathers on their bellies. A line around the eye and the throat is normally white in colour .There is a black line of feathers that normally extends starting from the eye going backwards to the throat. A full grown male can be as long as ten inches. The females have the same coloring as the males apart from the throat and the white area around the eye where they are normally buff coloured.Females also miss the unique eyeliner that the males …

Finding Quality Chicken Coop Kits

roosterFinding quality chicken coop kits for order isn’t hard, but it does require some research ahead of time and a solid knowledge of what exactly it is that you want. There are many different designs for chicken coops, and an impressive array of accessories depending on what climate you’re in and what your specific needs will be.

The biggest thing with chicken coop kits is understanding your needs, your budget, and finding a final price for one to compare once you have all this information together.

Chicken coop kits are designed to be easy to assemble so people without a lot of construction or do-it-yourself background experience will still have no problem putting them together.

These kits not only come with plans, but they generally have all the building materials which lets you start at nothing and build the entire chicken coop from start to finish. The shipping costs need …